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Online Document Editor for Passport Forms


New Passport
Form DS-11



If you can say YES to at least one of the following, we will prepare the DS-11 form.

  • The applicant is younger than 16 years old.

  • It will be the first time getting a US passport for the applicant.

  • The applicant already had a US passport, issued over 15 years ago.

  • Applicant's first US passport was issued when his/her were 15 years old or younger.


Renew Passport
Form DS-82



We will prepare a Form DS-82 if the applicant's current passport:

  • Is still in his/her possession AND free of damages.

  • Was issued at the age of 16 or older.

  • Is almost out of blank pages.

  • Has expired in the last 15 years or will expire soon.

  • Has a different name since the passport was issued over a year ago.


Replace Passport
Form DS-64



We will prepare the Form DS-64 if the applicant's current passport:

  • Needs to be reported as lost or stolen AND you want to apply for a new passport.

Our Benefits


Complete your application using our intuitive online tool to prepare your PDF application form.


Get a complimentary detailed guide explaining the application process step by step. 


Extensive error-checking on your application inputs and the qualification of your passport-type request.


Get customer assistance until you receive your new passport.

Our Process

Our service fees

We offer personalized document filing assistance to facilitate your passport application. Our fees start from $89 for our standard package to $129 for our premium service package. Our prices only cover our software service fee. You will need to pay the passport processing fees separately.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. We will offer a full refund if our service doesn't meet your expectation.

Our services

Upon completion of your application, we will review your inputs to look for any potential mistakes and compile the necessary documentation. You will receive your prepared PDF application within one business day by email. You will need to print your packet and follow the instructions to know how to submit your form to your local passport office.

Passport processing fees

All government fees are paid separately by check at your passport acceptance appointment. Adult passport processing fees range from $130 to $238.32. Please check our FAQs to check the complete fee schedule.

All appointments are booked directly on the government's website.

Visit official website 

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